NFT – The Crowned Llama Clan

“The Crowned Llama Clan” is a groundbreaking art project initiated in 2022 by contemporary artist Thomas Kos. This innovative collection was designed to consist of no more than 999 uniquely depicted llamas, each immortalized as both a tangible piece of art and a digital NFT.

Harnessing his creative prowess, Kos developed over 99 distinct traits, enabling the potential creation of nearly 9 trillion individual llamas. This staggering figure is 999 times the number of humans on the planet, underscoring the project’s vast scope. Yet, in a twist of exclusivity, only 999 Crowned Llamas are destined to exist, brought to life through a sophisticated algorithm that serves as the project’s creative backbone.

Thomas Kos with a framed Crowned Llama
Six framed Crowned Llama’s ready to ship to collectors
A framed Crowned Llama with a letter and certificates

The initial launch saw the first 99 NFTs swiftly claimed, each accompanied by a physical art print as part of the acquisition. This successful debut highlights the unique appeal of “The Crowned Llama Clan,” showcasing Thomas Kos’s innovative blend of art and technology.

Example of a Crowned Llama
Example of a Crowned Llama
Example of a Crowned Llama

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