Thomas Kos (1985) is a contemporary artist from Amsterdam. In most of his work he explores (sometimes bizarre) encounters between the animal and the human world.

Most of Thomas Kos’ work are paintings made with acrylic paint on linen or panel. Besides his paintings he created a lot of drawings with ink.

Besides his free work where humans and animals are the main subjects, he often gets commissions from companies and private collectors. He created works for companies like Nike, ING, Rolex and Amsterdam Vintage Watches. For a lot of his commissions, luxury watches are a recurring theme. You can find works of Thomas Kos in watch boutiques over the whole world.

Most Thomas Kos’ work is sold international because collectors and companies get to know about his work via Internet and social media. His art was also exhibited on multiple occasions in the Netherlands.


  • Kunsthuis Venendal, Hoogeveen, 2019
  • House of Animals, Amsterdam, 2017
  • De Kemphaan, de Woude, 2017
  • ¬†‘T Olde Posthuus, Anholt,¬†Continuous exhibition