Thomas Kos, born in 1985 and based in Weesp (Amsterdam), is a contemporary artist known for blending animal and human elements in his art. He primarily uses acrylics on linen or panel, gaining attention from major brands like Nike, ING, Rolex, and Amsterdam Vintage Watches, especially for his luxury watch-themed pieces. In 2022, Kos expanded into digital art with his NFT project, ‘The Crowned Llama Clan,’ achieving significant success. His works are internationally acclaimed, attracting a global audience through the internet and social media, and have been featured in numerous Dutch exhibitions.

Thomas Kos with two portraits of watches for a collector in Dubai

Watch Art

Thomas Kos’s deep interest in watches has influenced his art and connected him with global watch collectors and boutiques. His work includes watch-themed pieces, notable portraits of Rolex‚Äôs Hans Wilsdorf, Sean Connery as James Bond with a Rolex Submariner, and detailed portraits of significant timepieces, highlighting their design and history.

A portrait of a Rolex Milgauss

NFT – Crowned Llama Clan

“The Crowned Llama Clan,” launched in 2022 by Thomas Kos, features 999 unique llamas as art pieces and digital NFTs. Kos created over 99 traits for nearly 9 trillion possible llamas, but limited the project to 999, emphasizing exclusivity. The initial launch of 99 NFTs, each with a physical print, quickly sold out, showcasing Kos’s fusion of art and technology.

An example of a Crowned Llama